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LIVE EVENT: Smart Governance para a saúde

[Event happening in Portuguese]

Neste evento, Smart Governance para a Saúde, realizado em parceria com a Microsoft Portugal, vimos dar a conhecer as vantagens do uso do SMART GOVERNANCE e como este o ajuda a manter a cadeia de comando operacional e o Conselho de Administração funcional do seu hospital, mesmo durante a adoção de estratégias de contenção de contágio, como vivemos atualmente devido ao SARS-CoV-2.

O SMART GOVERNANCE é um produto desenvolvido pela CAVEDIGITAL, uma software house com mais de 20 anos de experiência no mercado, abrangendo setor Público e Privado.

Este tem como principal objetivo auxiliar grandes Organizações a superar o caos dos métodos tradicionais de realização dos seus processos de tomada de decisão, proporcionando segurança, agilidade, auditabilidade, responsabilidade e controlo. É flexível para cada ecossistema de tomada de decisão com uma estrutura de governance adequada, seja em pequenas hierarquias, grandes ou complexas, todos os conselhos, comités e até mesmo conglomerados.

Agora, mais do que nunca, os hospitais precisam de manter a sua cadeia de comando operacional.

Kind words from the COVID-19 front


Not all news during the COVID-19 pandemic are bad!

When in the presence of a crisis, to avoid risking paralysis or worse, it's critical to quickly react and guarantee business continuity by securing your Organization chain of command capability.

That's what Rita Veloso did.

We're deeply humbled and very thankful for Rita Veloso's kind words. Rita is an Executive Member of the Board of Directors at Povoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde Hospital Center (Centro Hospitalar Povoa de Varzim - Vila do Conde), an Institution of HEROES who are in the front-line fighting against the coronavirus:

"In the past 2 years, one of the strategic axes for CHPVVC has been the strong and marked bet on a digital culture while involving its workforce and patients, promoting digital literacy in its community which contributed a lot to the reorganization of its departments and the implementation of work from home practices in reaction to this pandemic phase.

Therefore at a time when the rethinking of circuits and ways of working and communicating is critical, it was a necessity for us to guarantee leadership continuity and decision-making at the Board of Directors, in order to assure that the Institution continues to function normally.

Having been aware of the SMART GOVERNANCE solution for this digital management and, if necessary, also remotely, we established a partnership with the company CAVEDIGITAL, which promptly accepted the challenge and made this tool available in only a few days and which would allow us to implement this complex process.

Our experience could not have been any better. The preparation and organization of proposals by the different departments and the digital board meeting itself allowed not only better prior access to information but also its preparation and analysis. The board meeting has become much more agile and the time needed has been substantially reduced compared to the previous format (using paper documents and manual deliberations). It also allowed for the meeting to occur without requiring physical presence in the same room whenever it's necessary. Another great advantage was the automatic registration of the deliberations in the minutes document and digitally signing it, rendering the whole process more transparent and secure.

The whole experience exceeded by far our expectations and for which we are very much grateful at a stage when our People need even more of each one of us."

Rita Veloso, Executive Member of the Board of Directors
Povoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde Hospital Center

All our team is profoundly moved by Rita's testimony and we're grateful for having been given the opportunity to contribute.

Push Forward.

Understand the Concept

Now more than ever, it's important to guarantee leadership continuity and an operational chain of command, even while implementing preventive social isolation and working from home practices. Just having a system that enables your Leadership Team to run their meeting processes without the requirement to be physically present in the same room is good enough a reason. The same is true for the Board of Directors and the remaining governance bodies (committees, commissions, etc.) and decision-making ecosystem, including the hierarchical structures and their power-to-act. Implement true collaborative enterprise governance with SMART GOVERNANCE and assure modern leadership continuity and chain of command capability even while implementing social isolation preventive measures and work from home practices.

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