SMART GOVERNANCE is the most complete enterprise governance management solution for decision-making ecosystems, supporting hierarchical processes and multiple board, committee, council and assembly meetings, allowing for greater agility in the decision-making process while eliminating paper pushing (or the email nightmare) and its logistics, time and resource consumption.

Additionally, multi-organizational/conglomerate scenarios are also supported (e.g.: parent companies and their subsidiaries, cities or governments and their agencies, etc).

Smart Governance Screen

Award winning

SMART GOVERNANCE has been battle-hardened for more than a decade in customers from both Public and Private sectors and has been awarded repeatedly as a Public Administration Modernization Best Practice and won the first Microsoft Local and Regional Government Solutions Forum Sustainability International Award.

How it Affects

How it affects

Out-of-box, SMART GOVERNANCE includes all chain of command decision-making processes and the corporate governance processes (committee meetings, leadership team meetings, board of directors meetings, and other corporate governance meetings) - all in one streamlined process, and on a single platform.



Multi-organizational decision-making ecosystems are also supported (e.g.: parent company and subsidiaries, city council and city agencies, ministry and government agencies, etc.).

We Help You Achieve Success

We Help You
Achieve Success

SMART GOVERNANCE helps organizations implement lead practices on their decision-making processes, while empowering with collaboration and still being able to handle a high volume of complex hierarchical and corporate governance structures.

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Plays well with

Microsoft Teams Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Azure Microsoft Office Microsoft Surface Skype for Business Microsoft Office 365


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